The average hourly cost of home health care in Ohio is $26.50. According to the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, this figure is slightly lower than the national average cost of home health care of $27 per hour. Compared to adjacent states, the cost of home health care in Ohio is slightly higher than in Pennsylvania, where it is $26 per hour, and lower than those in Michigan ($29 per hour). Ohio Medicare covers some home health care costs for eligible seniors, while Medicaid covers the costs of home health care if it is medically necessary. 

Home Health Care Options in Ohio

Home health care is a service provided by a trained nurse or nursing aide that includes wound dressing, administration of medication and various types of therapy, such as physical, speech and occupational therapy. Other forms of care offered by home health agencies include companionship, transport, shopping, assistance with personal care and grooming. All home health agencies in Ohio must register with the Ohio Department of Health.

Ohio Medicare provides some home healthcare coverage for seniors referred by a doctor who are homebound and cannot leave their homes. Medicare home health care services include licensed nurses who provide regular medical care and therapies to help seniors recover from operations, injuries and strokes. Medicare does not pay for nonmedical services. To qualify, participants must meet strict income and asset limits. Service providers offering Medicare- and Medicaid-sponsored care must register with the Centers for Medicare and Medical Services (CMS). Ohio also has three statewide waiver programs that provide additional in-home services to seniors, including personal care, chores, meal deliveries and daytime care.

Cost of Home Health Care Across Ohio

The average hourly cost of home health care in Ohio is $26.50. However, actual hourly charges differ depending on location and the agency used. The hourly cost of home health care around Columbus is $29.50. In Cincinnati, the average hourly cost is lower at $27, while in Dayton, halfway between Columbus and Cincinnati, the cost is $28.50. 

On the western reaches of Lake Erie near Toledo, the hourly cost of home health care is $26. The hourly costs of home health care are generally lower in smaller centers. For example, in Youngstown, the hourly cost of home healthcare is $22.50, while in Lima, it is $24. Akron is the city in Ohio with the lowest costs for home healthcare at $21.50.

  • Ohio: $26.50
  • National: $27
  • Columbus: $29.50
  • Dayton: $28.50
  • Cincinnati: $27
  • Cleveland: $27.25
  • Toledo: $26
  • Lima: $24
  • Youngstown: $22.50
  • Akron: $21.50