Home health care in Maine costs $30 per hour on average. Individuals who only need an hour of care each day can expect to pay a monthly average of $910, while those who require five hours of daily care should budget around $4,550 to cover their monthly care cost. The cost of 24-hour home health care would generally exceed $21,000 per month.

Home health care is often a suitable care option for adults who can generally live independently with extra support. While it’s not a substitute for the around-the-clock high-level care provided by nursing homes, home health care ensures seniors have the mild to moderate medical care they may need to age safely at home. For example, seniors may need temporary skilled nursing services while they recover after an illness or injury. Home health care may also include occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Hourly Home Health Care Rates Across Maine

The precise cost of home health care services depends on varying factors, including the recipient’s home location. Average home health care costs vary between Maine’s cities and towns. The highest fees are in the state’s most-populated city of Portland, where home health care typically runs around $32 per hour. East in Bangor, the median hourly rate decreases to $30, which is in line with the statewide average. The lowest average rates tend to be in Lewiston and surrounding areas, which include the state capital of Augusta; here, home care agencies charge roughly $28 per hour.    

  • Bangor: $30
  • Lewiston: $28
  • Portland: $32

Home Health Care Costs in Nearby States

When researching the costs of long-term senior care, it can be helpful to know what average fees are in nearby states. Vermont shares the same average hourly rate of $30 with Maine. At $28, the median hourly rate is lower in Connecticut. Average prices are higher in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, where home health care providers tend to charge respective hourly fees of $31, $31.25 and $32. For comparison, the national average is $27 per hour.

  • Maine: $30
  • New Hampshire: $32.50
  • Connecticut: $28
  • Massachusetts: $31
  • Rhode Island: $31.25
  • Vermont: $30