Home health care costs $25 per hour in Indiana. This type of senior care is designed to help seniors to remain safely in their own homes as they age. It covers rehabilitative services geared toward maintaining senior independence, such as physical, speech and occupational therapies. It also includes basic nursing services, such as wound and catheter care, medication management and IV therapy.

Actual care costs depend on the specific services as detailed in an individual’s tailor-made care plan. Home health care agencies in Indiana also charge different rates according to their location.

How Do Hourly Home Health Care Costs Vary Between Indiana’s Cities?

Average costs of home health care vary significantly across the Hoosier State, ranging from $19 per hour in Terre Haute to $30.25 in Elkhart. Individuals who choose to age in place in the state capital of Indianapolis tend to pay roughly $26 per hour. Home health care companies in Evansville and Kokomo typically charge less per hour than the Indiana average, with median respective rates of $22.50 and $24. Average fees in Columbus and Muncie are in line with the state average. Seniors generally pay more than the state average in Lafayette, Bloomington and Fort Wayne, where hourly rates run around $26.50, $27 and $28, respectively. Hourly costs in South Bend and Michigan City are often more than $29.

  • Terre Haute: $19
  • Elkhart: $30.25
  • Indianapolis: $26
  • Evansville: $22.50
  • Kokomo: $24
  • Columbus: $25
  • Muncie: $25
  • Michigan City: $29.50
  • South Bend: $29.75
  • Fort Wayne: $28
  • Lafayette: $26.50
  • Bloomington: $27

What Do Other Types of Long-Term Care Cost in Indiana?

In Indiana, home health care and home care have the same average price. Using 44 care hours as a guideline, both types of in-home care cost around $4,767 per month. Adult day health care is the most affordable care option in Indiana. Priced at around $1,733 per month, this type of care provides support services outside of the home. Assisted living provides care in a residential setting and has a median monthly price of $4,283. Institutional nursing home care is the costliest option at an average of $7,270 per month for a shared room.  

  • Home health care: $4,767
  • Home care: $4,767
  • Adult day health care: $1,733
  • Assisted living: $4,283
  • Nursing home: $7,270