Home health care in Florida costs $25 per hour on average. This may vary in different locations or depending on the amount of care needed. In the U.S., the median hourly cost is around $27 or $5,148 per month when 44 hours are provided weekly. Medicare and/or Medicaid could potentially provide some aid to seniors trying to finance this form of care.

Florida Home Health Care Costs Compared to Nearby States

The costs associated with home health care vary from state to state, typically being more expensive than home care due to its broader scope of services. However, in Florida, the cost is set at an average of $25 per hour or $4,767 monthly for both types of care. Georgia’s rate stands at $23 per hour or $4,385 monthly. South Carolina charges a rate of $23.50 hourly or $4,481 monthly. Alabama and Mississippi come in at $20.20 per hour and $3,851 per month and $20 hourly and $3,813 monthly, respectively. Louisiana maintains the lowest rate of the mentioned states at $19.50 per hour and $3,718 each month for home health care services.

The Cost of Home Health Care in the Cities of Florida

While home health care costs differ among states, there are similarly wide-ranging prices between Florida cities. Rates for Miami and Lakeland average $23 per hour ($4,385 monthly) and $23.50 ($4,481 monthly). Jacksonville, Panama City and Orlando stand at an equivalent hourly rate of $25 ($4,767 monthly). Tampa averages $25.50 an hour ($4,862 monthly), while Punta Gorda costs $26 per hour ($4,957 monthly) and $27.25 hourly ($5,196 monthly) in Cape Coral. Naples and North Port have some of the highest hourly fees at $29.25 ($5,577 monthly) and $30 ($5,720 monthly).

  • Miami: $23
  • Panama City: $25
  • Jacksonville: $25
  • Orlando: $25
  • Tampa: $25.50
  • Lakeland: $23.50
  • Punta Gorda: $26
  • Cape Coral: $27.25
  • Naples: $29.25
  • North Port: $30