In Pennsylvania, a home health aide costs an average of $26.00 per hour. These aides’ services are known as home health care, which encompasses skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapies. The amount of care a senior needs plays a large role in determining overall home health care costs. As an example, if a Pennsylvanian senior needs 44 hours of home health care weekly, that will cost an average of $4,957 per month, while the corresponding cost for 24/7 assistance is $18,927. Additionally, costs vary from city to city and state to state.

Hourly Home Health Aide Costs in States Neighboring Pennsylvania

Among Pennsylvania’s neighboring states, West Virginia stands out as particularly affordable. There, the average hourly cost for home health care is $18.75. Otherwise, Pennsylvania’s home health agencies charge less than their counterparts in nearby states. The average fee in Ohio is $26.50, and in Maryland, it is $27.00. Delaware’s average rate is $28. In New York and New Jersey, the average rates are $29.00 and $29.95, respectively.

These differences may look small, but they have a large impact on overall costs. For instance, a senior seeking 20 hours of home health care in Pennsylvania can expect a median monthly rate of $2,253, but the typical monthly cost for a New Jersey senior in the same situation is $2,595, a difference of $342.

  • Pennsylvania: $26.00
  • New Jersey: $29.95
  • New York: $29.00
  • Delaware: $28.00
  • Maryland: $27.00
  • Ohio: $26.50
  • West Virginia: $18.75

Hourly Home Health Aide Costs in Pennsylvanian Cities

Genworth reports significant price differences between many of Pennsylvania’s prominent cities. On the more affordable side, Altoona’s average home health care hourly cost is $22.50, while Reading and Scranton both have a median hourly fee of $24.00. In Erie, hourly prices average out to $25.00. Rates are higher in Allentown, where the average cost is $27.50. In Pennsylvania’s two biggest cities, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, home health care agencies charge $28.00 per hour on average.

  • Philadelphia: $28.00
  • Pittsburgh: $28.00
  • Allentown: $27.50
  • Erie: $25.00
  • Reading: $24.00
  • Scranton: $24.00
  • Altoona: $22.50