Yes, family members can get paid for caregiving in Louisiana. In the state, there are several financial support programs and tax credits available to people who care for their elderly or disabled spouses, friends or family members. Additional assistance may be available to those who care for veterans. There are also some educational and respite programs that can be of great benefit to familial caregivers. 

What Kind of Financial Aid Is Available to Caregivers in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, Medicare-eligible seniors and their familial caregivers may be eligible for the Community Choices Waiver. This waiver can help cover the cost of home modifications, rehabilitative therapy, medical devices and monitored in-home caregiving. Family members, friends and spouses can be paid to provide care for their family members under approved parameters. 

Family members caring for veterans may be eligible for the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers. This program provides financial aid based on individual needs. It also offers other valuable caregiver supports, such as health care training, respite resources and mental health counseling. Caregivers with dependent family members can also claim a credit on their taxes. The Credit for Other Dependents, offered by the federal government, is $500 per year. Additional tax credits are available to family members who had to pay for outside caregivers in order to attend work or school.

Where To Get Started Applying for Support

Caregivers can find support from their local Area Agency on Aging, a government-run division dedicated to supporting the health of the elderly. These offices have case managers who can provide information and referrals to the services that best meet an individual’s needs. Family members of veterans can contact the nearest federal Veterans Affairs center to learn more and apply for assistance.