Can I Receive Food Stamps While Living in Assisted Living?

Author: Andrea Miller
Reviewed By: Kristi Bickmann

You probably can’t receive food stamps if you reside at an assisted living facility. Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits aren’t available if the community you live in provides most of your meals. However, exceptions exist for people who have a disability and live in a small nonprofit group home (less than 16 residents) and for individuals ages 60 and older in federally subsidized assisted living. You can keep your SNAP benefits in either of these situations.

Who is eligible for food stamps?

To receive food stamp benefits through SNAP, your household income and assets must fall below the maximum limit for your state. Generally, your household must have less than $2,750 in assets or less than $4,250 if you have at least one member who is aged 60 or older or has a disability. The monthly net income limit for SNAP is $1,215 if you live in a single-person household.

You can get more information about eligibility requirements from your local SNAP office. After you complete your application, you will receive an approval decision within 30 days. You might qualify for help within 7 days if your household has less than $150 per month in income and $100 in liquid assets.

Are state and local food stamp programs available?

Some cities and states have their own food stamp programs, with rules that may differ from SNAP’s rules. If you receive nutrition assistance at the local level, check with the office in your area to find out what happens to your benefits if you enter assisted living.