Wears same clothes repeatedly

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When it happens

Throughout moderate dementia

Why it happens

Memory loss is the main culprit. The person forgets to put the clothes in the hamper to be washed and/or forgets having worn them the day before. Also, as decision making grows impaired, it's easier to choose something familiar -- the comfortable clothes you just took off.

What you can do

  • Avoid pointing out that clothes being worn are repeats or dirty, which puts the person on the defensive and sets up an argument that won't be believed or understood.

  • Ask yourself if you're bothered by the repetition of the outfit or by actual dirt or odor. (A couple of generations ago, people didn't change clothes every day.)

  • Remove soiled clothing from the room at night, once the person is sound asleep. She'll forget about it the next morning if there's something else handy to put on.

  • Buy an identical replacement for favorite outfits (same color, style), so you can wash one while the other is being worn.

  • Pare down the closet to fewer options. Stock solids in favorite colors instead of patterns. (Solids are often preferred; patterns are distracting.)

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