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  1. How can my mother, who has Alzheimer's, and my pet safely live together?

    Interesting question and one I have not heard asked before. So pets and Alzheimer's disease (AD), they are usually are a good fit as people with AD usually love babies and pets. Right now however she doesn't understand that feeding a dog people food is not the best thing for the dog. so, you might...
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  2. Mom's dangerous decisions could have bad consequences, how do I reason with her?

    Protecting parents from making unsafe decisions is a difficult challenge. As long as an adult is competent, they have the right to make poor decisions. The only way to legally prevent this is to have the parent declared incompetent in a court. Of course, unless you move your mother into full time ca...
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  3. How can I get a fire safety inspection done of my parents' home to help with my father's obsessive hoarding?

    You are wise to write. Some difficulties have to be taken beyond the family into  community services working together. Your job as caregiver to your parents will be to help coordinate and communicate.
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  4. What is the safest way to aid a frail senior using a walker?

    Thank you for your request seeking information to aid a frail senior who is using a walker. You are right to be concerned. While walkers seem to be simple assistive devices, between 2001 and 2006, over 47,000 Senior Citizens per year were treated in emergency rooms because of falls associated with w...
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  5. We're preparing a safe home for Mom; what else do we need?

    I think it's great that you are taking your mom into your home and it's wonderful that you are planning ahead to make her living space as safe and comfortable as possible for her. Anytime you are preparing a safe home for the elderly the more advance planning you can do, the better off you and your ...
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  6. Where can I find the computer software that will allow me to check on seniors via the telephone?

    In terms of the ability to have computer software check on seniors, take a look at FineThanx, MagnoliaPrime, Sentry Telecare, Call-Reassurance, and Justacallaway.
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  7. What kind of floor covering would be best for an Alzheimer's patient who spills things every day?

    I would definitely install 'fake' or laminate hardwood floors for two reasons: 1. they are very easy to care for and wipe clean with a little soap and water. 2. hardwood floors are most likely what is in her long term memory as they were the primary floor covering when most current AD folks were y...
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  8. Does Blue Cross pay for walk in showers?

    You asked,"Does Blue Cross pay for walk in showers?" In order to answer this question definitively you would have to read your policy and see what is covered and what isn't. Generally speaking, most medical insurance does not cover home modifications like a walk in shower. In Virginia, where I live ...
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  9. FAQ: How Do I Keep My Loved One From Falling on His Way to the Bathroom at Night?

    There's no way to guarantee that your loved one won't fall on the way to the bathroom at night, but there are steps you can take to reduce the chance of a fall:
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  10. Should I be concerned that I sometimes have trouble walking after waking up?

    Being 36 years old myself, I would be concerned if this was happening to me too!  Several things to think about:  Are you dizzy when this happens?  Does this go away after you have been up for a few minutes?  Do you always have problems with the same side?   I would try to keep track of these things...
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  11. How do I keep my hoarding mother safe?

    Trying to keep a frail aging parent safe when they are not able to manage on their own, and do not recognize the danger of the way they are living, is an impossible task. Ultimately you will fail because there are too many things that can go wrong.
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  12. Is it safe to put an elderly person in a car with an airbag?...

    I think the importance of having an elderly loved one have continued access to health care outweighs the risk of airbag injuries. There are things you can do to minimize the risk of injury. If the elderly family member must sit in the front seat, push the seat back to a position that is farthest f...
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  13. When applying for a home improvement loan, whose income is counted?

    Because your mother is the sole owner, a home improvement loan secured by the home would have to be obtained by her or someone authorized to act on her behalf such as yourself if you are acting under either the authority of a Durable Power of Attorney or a guardianship. Even with the authority to o...
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  14. Are Bed Rails Safe or Not?

    You are right to be concerned with this situation and I am pleased that you are working to address these recurrent falls. Yes, bed rails can be dangerous, especially at night if your father were to attempt to climb over them.
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  15. How do I find a reputable contractor in another state?

    To find a reputable contractor start by looking for a CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) in your aunt's area. These are contractors who have been specially trained to serve the needs of people who want to continue to live at home as they age. They must be licensed and insured and abide by a...
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  16. How can my brothers keep Mom safe in the bathroom without anyone being uncomfortable?

    I am sorry to hear of your mother's illness. Family caregivers having to assist their parents in the bathroom is an issue that sends many elders into long term care. The fact that your brothers have gone to stay with her suggests a real willingness to help. Perhaps there is more room to negotiate...
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  17. What's the diplomatic way to handle wild accusations by a parent with Alzheimer's?

    Reassure the neighbor that you know full well she's not doing any of those things, and thank her for her valuable help. Remind her that this behavior is common among people with Alzheimer's, and ask her to try not to take it personally. If the behavior only happens occasionally, it signals that your...
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  18. How can I stay active with vision loss?

    The vision we use to avoid bumping into objects is our peripheral vision -- what we see at the edges of our vision. If your mother has lost part or all of her peripheral vision, she'll benefit from rehabilitation training to become aware of the missing area of vision. It'll help her learn to adj...
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  19. How do I get my dad out of the bathtub?

    The bathroom is the one room in the house that is most often the site of accidents that can seriously limit a senior's ability to live independently, so are are wise to be concerned for your father's safety. If taking a bath rather than a shower is something your father enjoys, there are alternative...
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  20. Does money spent for home modifications count towards a Medicaid spend down?

    First of all, there's nothing illegal about your father spending his money on himself. The only illegality that might come into it is if he applies for Medicaid or another government assistance program and they ask him about recent expenditures but he doesn't tell them the truth. Only a false statem...
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