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Aging in Place Questions

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  1. How can my family help my hoarding Grandmother?

    Dear Granddaughter:
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  2. I'm worried sick about my 65 yr old Mom, who is alcoholic, has memory loss and has been hospitalized. My brother has POA and I'm not sure what to do.

    I'm very sorry to hear about the troubles and problems facing your mother.
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  3. Does Blue Cross pay for walk in showers?

    You asked,"Does Blue Cross pay for walk in showers?" In order to answer this question definitively you would have to read your policy and see what is covered and what isn't. Generally speaking, most medical insurance does not cover home modifications like a walk in shower. In Virginia, where I live ...
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  4. Is there a computer or software that would be easy for my mother-in-law to understand?

    For more advanced stages of ALZ and DM you can download a program called "Time of Day". It shows the moment of the day in a simple sentence. It's about 10 bucks last time I visited the site. www.remindme-alz.com. Works with windows and is very simple to use.
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  5. When is Home Not the Right Place

    You may choose from different long term care settings based on the needs of the care recipient. if she still can handle 90% of personal care and needs assistance with household chores, then you can hire for a home health aide, but if home is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of long term care ...
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  6. Medicare In Home Care

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  7. I am sixty years old am I qualified for any assistance

    Caring.com has an article entitled "A Caregiver's Guide to Transportation" located here: https://www.caring.com/articles/caregivers-guide-to-transportation-services. For other services and low cost options you may want to contact your local Area Agency on the Aging. You can find the nearest Area A...
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  8. Which type of music player would be easiest for my mom to control?

    It's so great that you want to provide music for your mom to listen to in her assisted living bedroom -- numerous studies have shown that music can have a positive impact on the quality of life of the elderly (http://www.caregivershome.com/Spiritual/spiritual.cfm?UID=64).
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  9. What could help my mom make phone calls more easily?

    As your mom recovers her speech and writing ability after her stroke, she may still need some assistance. One way to help make phone calls, is a picture phone - in which pictures of her friends or relatives are on the front of the telephone, associated with their phone numbers. There are quite a few...
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  10. Is there a gadget to help Mom keep better track of her medications?

    To answer your question, yes, a gadget for medication management exists, but they range in how comprehensive a problem they are trying to solve. It sounds like your mother would not benefit from a simple reminder call, but might do better with a pre-loaded canister of pills like her current weekly p...
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  11. Is there a special dishwasher for the elderly?

    The solution to an accessible dishwasher for seniors is to raise the dishwasher 6"-12" so that the top rack of the dishwasher is level with the adjacent countertop.
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  12. Should she be put into assisted living against her will?

    As an aging in place specialist I always look for a way to keep people in the homes they love. I would never recommend putting your mother into assisted living against her will. You said she can manage her personal care without much difficulty. If I am hearing you correctly you are concerned for her...
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  13. How can I help my dad become independent of care?

    I would talk with the occupational and physical therapist from his rehab setting to get an idea of the amount of assistance and best approach for him to carry out his self care tasks. It would also be helpful to find out how much help is provided in the assisted living facility. Your dad's illness a...
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  14. Medicare

    My mom passed leaving her home to sister who lived with her .mother had medicare and other ins but not medicaid .Can my moms home be taken for medical balances
  15. Can a assisted living facility take retirement benefits?

    I moved from a nursing home, downstairs to an assisted living facility. I had a direct deposit to my credit union for my social security retirement benefits. I received a letter from social security saying my retirement benefits will be going to the assisted living facility. The assisted living faci...
  16. I'm my husband s caretaker.l can't go to work,how can i get insurance on myself?

    We live on ssi from my husband.I need health insurance for myself.
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