In Montana, seniors who enroll in the state’s Home Health Program may qualify for home health care financial assistance. Home health care delivers medical services to enrollees, allowing them to remain independent and continue living in their homes. Service packages may vary depending on a senior’s specific needs.

Who Qualifies for Montana’s Home Health Program?

To enroll in the Home Health Program, seniors must meet Montana’s Medicaid eligibility thresholds. Montana residency is one requirement. Medicaid recipients must also be US citizens, national, legal aliens or permanent residents. An annual income limit tied to household size also applies. Medicaid additionally requires that recipients be 65 years of age or up or fall into another of the program’s target populations. Beyond that, Home Health Program enrollees need a written care plan in which a physician calls for them to receive health services at home. Those health services need to be medically necessary. Every 60 days, the care plan is subject to review and renewal. 

What Home Health Care Services Does Montana Pay For?

When someone qualifies for the Home Health Program, they gain access to several services. Those include part-time nursing care, speech pathology assistance and occupational and physical therapy. The nursing care comes from a home health agency. The speech pathology and therapy services may also come from a home health agency, or a state-licensed facility may provide them. Home Health Program enrollees can also receive visits from a home health aide. The program offers medical appliances, supplies and equipment, too.