Maryland residents who meet financial and health eligibility requirements may qualify for home health care financial assistance in the state. Several programs provide in-home services that include assistance with activities of daily living and nurse monitoring services. Families should consider the individual’s unique health care needs when choosing the right program to apply for.

Programs for Maryland Residents

Several programs can offer Maryland residents home health care services at a reduced rate or for free. The Community Personal Assistance Services program offers personal assistance, support planning and nurse monitoring services for individuals who need help with activities of daily living. 

The Community First Choice program offers a variety of services to eligible individuals, including personal assistance, support planning and nurse monitoring. Participants in this program may also receive home-delivered meals, accessibility adaptations in their home and environmental assessments to ensure their home is safe. 

Individuals are financially eligible for the Community Personal Assistance Services and Community First Choice programs if they qualify for Medicaid or currently receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Maryland’s Home and Community-Based Options Waiver is another way that eligible individuals can qualify for home health care financial aid. This program is open to individuals deemed financially eligible, meaning their income does not exceed 300% of their SSI benefits. Several waiver services are available, including financial assistance with medical day care, case management, behavioral consultation and dietitian and nutritionist services. Giving individuals access to these services can enable them to live in their home longer.

Applying for Programs

The Maryland Department of Health, Long-Term Services and Supports oversees these programs. Interested individuals can contact the department to apply for services. They will have their financial eligibility reviewed. Applicants will also undergo an assessment by their local health department to determine if they are medically eligible for any of these financial assistance programs.