Individuals who qualify for Medicaid in Rhode Island may be eligible to receive financial assistance for assisted living as a part of the state’s Home and Community-Based Services. More specifically, the Medicaid Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) program provides a range of supports and services designed to meet an individual’s health and personal care needs in a range of environments, including assisted living. Seniors must qualify based on several factors.

The services provided by LTSS are designed to keep seniors in their homes longer with additional support. Services provided may be in the home, in an approved assisted living facility or in a nursing home. They may also include assistance with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living.

Who Is Eligible for LTSS?

Eligibility for LTSS is determined based on residency, financial status and necessary level of care. Seniors who qualify for LTSS must first qualify for Medicaid and then meet the additional requirements for the LTSS program.

To participate in this program, seniors must already reside in Rhode Island and provide proof of residency. They must also verify their income and assets. Countable resources must not be above $4,000 for individuals. Finally, they must meet the necessary level of care required to qualify. 

What Does LTSS Cover?

LTSS covers needs based on the level of care required. Those who need the highest level of care may qualify for either nursing facilities or home and community-based care. Those requiring less care are eligible for home and community-based services and are not offered nursing facility care. Additionally, LTSS may provide services such as homemaker services, environmental modifications, meal delivery, case management, companionship care, respite and minor home modifications to allow a senior to remain in their home longer.