Nevada seniors who qualify for Medicaid, require a nursing-home level of care or are afflicted with a physical disability can seek out financial assistance to ease the cost of assisted living. Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey lists the average cost of assisted living at $3,750 per month in Nevada. While none of the available programs cover the cost of room and board in assisted living communities, they do provide support services that can help bring down the overall price.

Nevada Assisted Living Medicaid Waivers

Nevada offers two Medicaid waivers that can help with the expense of assisted living. The first is the Home and Community Based Waiver for the Frail and Elderly (HCBW-FE). This waiver provides non-medical care to seniors in their homes or in a community, such as assisted living. Possible services include meal preparation, chore assistance, light housework, respite care, adult companionship and adult day care. Accessing these services through the waiver can mitigate extra expenses within an assisted living community.

The second option is the Home and Community Based Waiver for Persons with Physical Disabilities. To be eligible for this waiver, seniors must require a nursing home level of care and use the waiver to delay nursing home placement and remain home or in an assisted living community. Services covered include meal delivery, light housekeeping, chore services, personal attendant care, durable medical equipment and personal emergency response systems.

To be eligible for Medicaid, seniors must be residents of Nevada and be at least 65 years old, blind or have a qualifying disability. They must also fall below the income and asset limits set by state legislation. 

Non-Medicaid Assistance for Nevada Seniors

For seniors who are ineligible for Medicaid but are permanently disabled, the Assistive Technology for Independent Living (AT/IL) program is available. This program provides assistive technology, such as wheelchairs, grab bars, walk-in tubs and stair lifts, to seniors living in a residential facility, such as an assisted living community. Vehicle and home modifications are available as well if permitted.