Is a Day Program Considered Assisted Living?

A day program is not considered assisted living. However, day programs and assisted living facilities serve seniors in different ways. Adult day programs provide resources and support for seniors and people with developmental disabilities on a daily or hourly basis. Assisted living communities offer a residential setting for older or disabled adults who need help with daily activities to live independently.

What Services Do Adult Day Programs Provide?

Adult day programs provide a variety of services, including recreational activities, social events, personal care assistance and meals. Some programs offer health services on-site, such as checking vital signs or providing vaccines. Seniors also have access to Medicare assistance, help with financial matters and community resources. Most day programs operate five or six days a week during standard business hours.

Should My Family Member Attend an Adult Day Program?

Your loved one may benefit from an adult day program if you have safety concerns about leaving them home alone or if they become anxious and depressed when left alone. Adult day programs provide social and emotional support for seniors and family caregivers, which helps if you work outside the home and aren’t available 24 hours a day.

Consider enrolling your loved one in an adult day program if they need more social interaction and become bored easily. This service can help them create a fulfilling, enriching and safe daily routine.

Do Adult Day Programs Charge a Fee?

Adult day programs charge a fee of $25 to $100 per day according to the Administration for Community Living. Some people qualify for day program coverage through state Medicaid or the Veterans Administration.