Home health care in Washington costs $34.50 per hour on average. Although this is higher than the U.S. average of $27, Washington’s Medicaid program, Apple Health, may cover the cost of care for people who are financially eligible. Some cities also offer lower prices than others, so seniors have options if they’re looking for affordable care. This guide explains the hourly cost of home health care in several Washington cities and a few states nearby.

Home Health Care Costs In Washington Cities

The cheapest home health care is typically found in the central parts of Washington, while rates closer to the West Coast tend to be on the higher side. Wenatchee is the least expensive city in the state for care, with rates averaging $31, and to the south in Yakima, prices are only 25 cents more. Kennewick falls below the state average, too, with care in this city costing seniors $32.50. To the north in Spokane, rates go up to $34.

Longview, which is situated about 50 miles north of Portland, is another affordable option. Here, prices average just $31.75. Further north in Olympia, rates increase to $35, and in Seattle, they’re 50 cents more. West of Seattle in Bremerton, rates are a little higher, averaging $36.75. The most expensive city for home health care in Washington is Mount Vernon, where residents pay $38.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Washington has a high cost of living, so its home health care prices tend to be higher than in other states. To the south in Oregon, residents pay $32, and in Idaho, rates are even lower at $28.50. Montana’s home health care costs an estimated $28, or $6.50 per hour less than what seniors in Washington pay. Moving south to California, prices remain above the national average at $32. Nevada is among the least costly options in this part of the country. Here, seniors pay an average of $27.