Home health care in Virginia costs $26.98 per hour. Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey estimates that this is almost on par with the national average of $27, but home health care prices can vary widely throughout the state. Seniors looking for affordable long-term care can also keep their costs down thanks to Virginia’s reasonable average prices for groceries, utilities and transportation, which are slightly lower than average costs nationwide. This guide explains what seniors can expect to pay hourly for home health care in several Virginia cities and some nearby states.

Home Health Care Costs In Virginia

Home health care prices in a few Virginia cities fall several dollars below the U.S. average. Lynchburg offers the cheapest rates at only $22.50, and prices in Roanoke are 50 cents per hour more. In northern Virginia, Winchester residents can expect to pay $25.25. Virginia Beach, which is close to Norfolk, has rates that average $25.

The capital city of Richmond exceeds the national average with a rate of $27.50. Blacksburg and Staunton are even pricier, with care in both cities costing $28. Charlottesville is the most expensive city in Virginia for home health care. Residents of this city pay $33 per hour, which is about $6 more than the state average.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Virginia is one of the more expensive states for home health care in this region of the country. Compared to nearby states, only Maryland and Delaware cost more, with prices averaging $27 and $28, respectively. Neighboring West Virginia is much cheaper; rates there average only $18.75. To the west in Kentucky, residents pay $25, and in Tennessee, prices are $1 less. North Carolina is even more affordable at $23 per hour.