Home health care in Utah costs $30 per hour. Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey estimates that this is $3 more than the nationwide average of $27. However, it’s important to know that costs can vary widely between different cities, so seniors may be able to find more affordable care depending on where they live. This guide discusses the average hourly price for home health care in select Utah cities, as well as a few nearby states.

Home Health Care Costs In Utah Cities

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey only lists home health care data for five cities in Utah. If you live outside these cities, be sure to verify costs with local home health care providers to get a more accurate estimate of what you might have to pay.

Provo and Ogden are the priciest cities in Utah for home health care, with rates averaging $30 an hour. Salt Lake City isn’t far behind at $29.69. The next cheapest city is Logan, located in the northern part of Utah. Here, seniors can expect to pay $28.50. To the south in St. George, retirees will find the most affordable home health care in Utah at only $27.25 per hour.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Utah is the second-most expensive place for home health care compared to neighboring states. Only Colorado is priced higher at $33.50, or $3.50 more expensive per hour than what people in Utah pay. In Idaho and Arizona, rates average $28.50, and in Nevada, care costs residents 50 cents less. Wyoming’s prices are $1 cheaper than Wisconsin’s, at $29. The most affordable nearby state is Nevada with home health care prices of only $24.40.