The cost of home health care in Tennessee is $24 per hour on average. In addition to its low home health care prices, Tennessee offers an affordable cost of living, including housing, groceries and utility prices that are cheaper compared to those in many other states. In this guide, you’ll find the hourly cost of home health care in various Tennessee cities and several nearby states.

Home Health Care Costs In Tennessee Cities

The cheapest home health care prices can be found in the eastern parts of Tennessee. Morristown and Johnson City both have rates averaging $21 per hour, which can make these cities a good choice for seniors on a limited budget. Prices are reasonable in the western part of the state, too. Care costs an average of $22 in Jackson, and further south in Memphis, seniors pay $22.25.

In Knoxville, prices jump to $24.73, and rates in Cleveland and Chattanooga are a few cents higher. Clarksville and Nashville are the most expensive cities for home health care in Tennessee with an estimated hourly cost of $25.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

On average, states to the north of Tennessee have higher hourly home health care costs, while states below Tennessee tend to be on the cheaper side. Kentucky and Missouri both cost $1 more with rates of $25, and Virginia costs $25.98, or almost $2 more than what seniors in Tennessee pay.

North Carolina and Georgia are more affordable, as costs there average $23. In Arkansas, prices drop to $22, and in South Carolina, residents pay an estimated $23.50. Mississippi and Alabama offer rates that are around $4 less than those in Tennessee. Mississippi’s home health care prices average $20, and Alabama’s are just 20 cents more.