Home health care in North Dakota typically costs around $29.84 per hour. Although this is higher than the national median fee of $27, rates in North Dakota are in line with or lower than average costs throughout the Upper Midwest region, according to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021.

It’s important to take into account the total number of care hours when budgeting for monthly care costs. Seniors with minimal care needs can expect to pay around $905 each month for home health care. This figure is based on receiving 1 hour of daily care. Those who require 6 hours of care every day pay approximately $5,430 per month.   

Home Health Care Costs Throughout the Region

Within North Dakota, average rates of home health care vary significantly between locations. The median hourly price in Bismarck is $41.03. Moving toward the east, average hourly rates drop to $29.84 in both Grand Forks and Fargo. This is $11.19 lower than in the state capital.

  • Bismarck: $41.03
  • Grand Forks: $29.84
  • Fargo: $29.84

Of the states in the Upper Midwest, Michigan and Iowa have slightly lower average home health care rates than North Dakota. Median hourly fees are $29 in Michigan and $29.25 in Iowa. Average rates are slightly higher in South Dakota, where home health care agencies usually charge about $31 an hour for services. Costs increase significantly in Minnesota, where an hour of home health care is billed at around $36.25.    

  • North Dakota: $29.84
  • South Dakota: $31
  • Minnesota: $36.25
  • Iowa: $29.25
  • Wisconsin: $30
  • Michigan: $29

Who Is Home Health Care Suitable for?

Home health care is designed to support seniors who wish to recuperate at home following an illness or injury. It includes rehabilitation therapies, such as physical and speech therapy, and intermittent skilled nursing services, including changing wound dressings, giving injections and emptying catheters. Home health care aides also help seniors manage chronic health conditions through services such as IV therapy, blood glucose monitoring and pain management. Home health care may also be a suitable option for individuals who wish to receive palliative care in a comfortable and familiar environment.    

Home health care is not a suitable long-term care option for seniors who need the 24/7 monitoring and continuous skilled nursing that a nursing home provides. Home health care is also not appropriate for seniors who only need assistance with everyday activities; regular home care is designed to meet these needs.