Home health care in New York costs $29 per hour on average. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, this is a bit higher than the national average of $27, but prices vary throughout the state, which means some cities will have less expensive care than others. Additionally, New York has a Home Care Services program that covers in-home assistance for people who are eligible. In this guide, you’ll find the hourly cost of home health care in several New York cities and surrounding states.

Home Health Care Costs In New York Cities

The most expensive city for home health care in New York is Ithaca, with prices exceeding the state average at $32. Glens Falls is the second-most expensive city at $31.50. New York City and Rochester are similarly pricey, and home health care in either city will cost seniors $30. To the north of New York City, Poughkeepsie prices are a little lower at $28. Kingston is located about 19 miles away and costs $1 less per hour.

Binghamton and Albany’s prices are slightly higher than the state average, costing $29.50 and $29.25, respectively. Several cities in New York fall below the national average home health care cost, making them a good choice for people of limited financial means. In Buffalo, care costs $26.50, and Utica’s rates are lower at $26. Watertown is the cheapest place for this type of care in New York. Here, rates fall to $25.50, which is $3.50 per hour less than the state average.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Although home health care costs can be on the higher side in New York, it’s still cheaper than what seniors pay in several surrounding states. To the east in Vermont, costs go up to $30 per hour, and in Massachusetts, they average $31. New Jersey rates are a bit higher than New York’s at $29.95.

States that are cheaper than New York include Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Care in Connecticut averages $28, and Pennsylvania seniors can expect to pay only $26.