The cost of home health care in New Mexico is $24.40 per hour. Home health care provides basic medical care and rehabilitation therapies to enable seniors to safely recover from an accident or illness while living at home. It doesn’t replace the high-level clinical care provided by nursing homes. It is also different to home care, which provides assistance with daily activities and doesn’t involve any clinical care.

Home health care services may include changing wound dressings, administering IV nutrition therapy and giving injections. It may also include rehabilitative services, such as physical, speech-language and occupational therapy.

Home Health Care Fees in and Around New Mexico

Average home health care fees vary between the main cities and towns in New Mexico. Las Cruces is the most affordable city in New Mexico for home health care, with a median rate of $24.15 per hour. The next most affordable location is Albuquerque, where home health care providers typically charge around $24.50 an hour. Hourly prices increase to $29 in Farmington. The state capital of Santa Fe has the highest average hourly fee of $33.45.

  • Farmington: $29
  • Santa Fe: $33.45
  • Albuquerque: $24.50
  • Las Cruces: $24.15         

New Mexico’s home health care agencies charge lower hourly rates than providers in most neighboring states. Only Texas has a slightly lower average, with home health care costs running around $24 per hour. Oklahoma-based seniors can expect to pay roughly $25.50 per hour for comparable services. Median hourly charges rise to $28.50 in Arizona and $33.50 in Colorado.

  • New Mexico: $24.40
  • Arizona: $28.50
  • Colorado: $33.50
  • Oklahoma: $25.50
  • Texas: $24

Costs of Monthly Senior Care in New Mexico

When choosing the most appropriate type of senior care, it can be useful to compare the costs of other types of long-term care. In New Mexico, home care is slightly cheaper than home health care; the former runs around $24.15, while the latter averages $24.40 an hour.

Using 44 weekly care hours for comparison, monthly home health care costs are usually in the region of $4,652. Home care is slightly more affordable, with a median monthly price of $4,605. Older adults who require residential care typically pay around $4,498 per month for assisted living and $7,608 for a shared room in a nursing home. Adult day health care, which provides services throughout the day in a community setting, costs around $1,993 each month.

  • Home health care: $4.652
  • Home care: $4,605
  • Adult day health care: $1,993
  • Assisted living: $4,498
  • Nursing home: $7,608