Home health care in New Jersey costs $29.95 per hour, according to the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey. In-home health care hourly costs can vary depending upon specific locations in New Jersey and the types of services needed. In some situations, Medicare will cover some of the costs associated with medical care at home. New Jersey’s Medicaid program covers many of the costs of in-home health care for those who meet eligibility requirements.

In-Home Health Care Costs in Different New Jersey Cities

Within the 21 counties in New Jersey, there are at least 310 home health agencies available to seniors who prefer to remain living in their own homes while getting the assistance they require. Costs in the northern parts of the state closer to New York City tend to be slightly more expensive than in some other areas of the Garden State. For instance, in Jersey City, seniors pay on average $30.00 per hour for in-home health care, while those living further south in Vineland pay only $25.00. In New Jersey’s capital city of Trenton, hourly home health care fees average $27.50, and cities closer to the shore are in the $29.00 range.

  • Trenton: $27.50
  • Atlantic City: $29.50
  • Vineland: $25.00
  • Ocean City: $29.00
  • Jersey City: $30.00

The Hourly Cost of Home Health Care in Nearby States

The median cost for home health care across the US is $27.00 per hour. Although New Jersey is one of the nation’s most expensive states for this type of care at an average of $29.95 per hour, its neighboring state of New York is very close behind at $29.00 an hour. Seniors south of New Jersey in Delaware pay $1.95 less per hour, and to the west in Pennsylvania, hourly costs for home health care are nearly $4.00 less. For seniors who require many service hours per day or around-the-clock health care assistance at home, these hourly costs can add up quickly. 

  • New Jersey: $29.95
  • National: $27.00
  • New York: $29.00
  • Pennsylvania: $26.00
  • Delaware: $28.00