Home health care in New Hampshire costs around $32.50 per hour. This is higher than the countrywide average rate of $27 per hour. However, it may be more cost effective for seniors to age in place in the Granite State than to receive care in a residential or institutional setting.

Home health care includes an array of clinical and therapeutic services geared toward enabling seniors to remain at home. Services are provided according to an individual’s customized care plan and may include skilled nursing, nutritional support, physical therapy and monitoring of health conditions.

Comparison of Home Health Care Costs

Per Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021, home health care costs an average of $32.40 per hour in the state’s most populous city of Manchester. This is slightly lower than the statewide average of $32.50 per hour.

The median hourly fee in Burlington, VT, is lower than in Manchester; here, locals typically pay in the region of $30 for home health care. The same type of care averages $32 per hour in Portland, ME, which is also lower than in Manchester. Seniors in Boston, MA, pay an hourly figure of around $32.75.

  • Portland ME: $32
  • Boston MA: $32.75
  • Burlington VT: $30

Comparing state average rates, New Hampshire has a higher hourly rate than neighboring states. Maine and Vermont share the same median hourly price of $30, and home health care costs around $31 an hour in Massachusetts.    

  • New Hampshire: $32.50
  • Maine: $30
  • Vermont: $30
  • Massachusetts: $31

Costs of Different Types of Care in New Hampshire

It is typically more affordable for New Hampshire’s seniors to age at home than it is to move into a residential community. It costs around $5,915 each month to receive home health care services. This is based on an individual needing 6 hours of daily care, 7 days a week. The comparable cost for non-medical home care services is $5,733. Assisted living typically costs $6,053 each month. The high-level care provided by nursing homes is reflected by the higher monthly median cost of $10,950 for a semiprivate room. Adult day health care runs around $1,842 per month for daytime care in a community-based setting. 

  • Home health care: $5,915
  • Home care: $5,733
  • Adult day health care: $1,842
  • Assisted living: $6,053
  • Nursing home: $10,950