Home health care in Nevada typically costs an average of $27 per hour. Per Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021, this is the same as the nationwide average. Seniors in Nevada generally pay less for home health care than their contemporaries who reside in neighboring states. Exact care costs vary according to location and specialized services.

Home health care includes various nursing services, such as wound care, IV therapy and medication management. It may also include physical, speech and occupational therapy, as well as dietary guidance and medical social services. 

Home Health Care Costs Around Nevada

Nevada’s home health care agencies charge different prices throughout the state. In the state capital of Carson City, home health care tends to run around $32 an hour. North in Reno, the median hourly rate decreases by $2 to $30. Individuals who opt to retire in Las Vegas can benefit from some of the state’s lowest prices for home health care; an hour of care generally costs about $25.

  • Carson City: $32
  • Reno: $30
  • Las Vegas: $25

Home Health Care Costs in Neighboring States

Nevada has some of the lowest average prices for home health care in the western part of the United States. Nevada’s seniors generally pay less than those who live in surrounding states. Residents of Arizona and Idaho usually pay approximately $28.50 per hour for home health care. An hour of care runs around $30 in Utah. Oregon and California have the highest median rates among Nevada’s neighbors, sharing an hourly average of $32.

  • Nevada: $27
  • Oregon: $32
  • Idaho: $28.50
  • Utah: $30
  • Arizona: $28.50
  • California: $32