Home health care in Missouri costs $25 per hour on average. Compared to the U.S. average of $27, Missouri is $2 cheaper, and the state boasts a very low cost of living, too. Residents pay less than average for housing, transportation and other necessities, which can make it easier to afford necessary care. In this guide, you’ll find an overview of what home health care costs in various Missouri cities and the surrounding states.

Home Health Care Costs In Missouri Cities

Although Missouri has a low home health care cost average overall, prices can vary by several dollars per hour depending on the city you live in. The least expensive city for home health care is Cape Girardeau, where seniors pay just $19.70 per hour. Centrally located Jefferson City is a bit pricier, but still on the low side at $20 per hour. St. Joseph and Springfield have hourly rates averaging $25, and Kansas City costs $1 more, for an hourly average of $26.

Columbia is located only 32 miles from Jefferson City, but prices there jump to $27 per hour, making this city one of the most expensive places in Missouri for home health care. The most expensive city in Missouri is St. Louis, where residents pay an hourly average of $28.75.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Compared to home health care prices in surrounding states, Missouri sits somewhere in the middle of the pack. Arkansas and Tennessee are both cheaper, costing a median of $22 and $24 per hour, respectively. Oklahoma is slightly higher at $25.50 per hour, and in Kansas, seniors pay around $24.50 per hour.

States to the north of Missouri are a few dollars per hour more expensive. Home health care in Illinois and Nebraska costs $28 per hour, and in Iowa, hourly rates jump to $29.25, which is $4.25 per hour more than what Missouri residents pay.