The average cost of home health care in Michigan is $29 per hour. This is a few dollars more than the national average of $27. Still, Michigan does offer a few financial perks, such as a fairly low cost of living and a Medicaid waiver that covers home health care for eligible older adults. This guide provides a look at the cost of home health care per hour in several Michigan cities and nearby states.

Home Health Care Costs In Michigan Cities

The most expensive city in Michigan for home health care is Muskegon at $32.25 per hour, followed by Ann Arbor at $32. Seniors in Kalamazoo and Detroit pay an estimated $30 per hour, and Grand Rapids is a bit cheaper at $29. Monroe, Miles and Midland all have hourly prices averaging $28. Battle Creek and Jackson will cost seniors $27.13 and $27.79, respectively.

Affordable rates for home health care can also be found along Interstate 75. In Flint, seniors can get care for $27.50 per hour, and hourly prices go down to $26 in Bay City. The cheapest city for home health care in Michigan is Saginaw with rates averaging $22 per hour.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Michigan’s home health care prices are similar to those in several nearby states. For example, median hourly prices in New York are also $29, and Wisconsin is more expensive at $30 per hour. Illinois is a little cheaper with hourly costs averaging $28.

More affordable rates are found to the south of Michigan. Pennsylvania’s estimated hourly cost of care is $26, and in Ohio, prices are $0.50 more. Indiana is the least-expensive state in the area; here, seniors pay an average of $25 per hour.