Home health care in Maryland costs approximately $27 per hour. This is the same as the national norm and in line with costs in surrounding states, making Maryland a financially viable option for those seeking skilled care at home. Those who find costs to be prohibitive may qualify for programs such as the Community Personal Assistance Services program and PACE, which provide funds that can help pay for home health care.

Home Health Aide Costs In Maryland Compared To Nearby States

While home health aide fees in Maryland are in line with national norms, care costs vary considerably in other states in the country’s Mid-Atlantic region. In Pennsylvania, which lies to the north of Maryland, hourly rates are $1 more at $26. In Delaware, agencies charge a median of $28 per hour, slightly higher than in Maryland, and in Virginia, median hourly rates come in at $25.98. In West Virginia, median hourly rates are quite a bit lower at just $18.75.

Home Health Aide Costs In Major Cities Throughout Maryland

The cost of home health aide services is fairly consistent throughout Maryland’s major cities. The most expensive place to obtain care is Hagerstown, where agencies charge $27 per hour on average for skilled care. In Baltimore, rates are comparable at $26.50, and in Salisbury, hourly fees are in line with the state norm at $26. In Cumberland, fees are a little lower at $25.50, and in California, rates are the lowest in the state at $24 per hour.