The average cost of home health care in Louisiana is $21.13 per hour, according to the Genworth 2021 Cost of Care Survey. Depending on where you’re located and the specific care services you need, you may pay more or less than the average for your care. 

How Louisiana’s Cost of Home Health Care Compares to Other States

Most seniors throughout the country pay an average of $29.25 an hour for home health care, which is 38.4% higher than Louisiana’s median ($21.13 per hour). Out of the three states bordering Louisiana, Mississippi ($21.66 per hour) is the most affordable for home health care, followed by Arkansas ($23.84 per hour). Texas, where home health care costs an average of $4.87 more per hour than in Louisiana, is the costliest with an hourly median cost of $26.

The Cost of Home Health Care Across Louisiana

Due to individual cities’ cost of living and their supply and demand for home health care services, care costs vary throughout the state, although the northern part of the state is generally more affordable than the south. For example, in northern cities Monroe and Shreveport, home health care costs an average of $18.96 and $18.41 an hour, respectively, while in New Orleans, the median cost of care is $23.84 an hour—the highest in the state.

In central Louisiana, Alexandria’s seniors are paying an average of $20.04 an hour for home health care. Baton Rouge and Lafayette have the same average cost of home health care, $21.66 an hour.

  • Monroe: $18.96
  • Shreveport: $18.41
  • Alexandria: $20.04
  • Lafayette: $21.66
  • Baton Rouge: $21.66
  • New Orleans: $23.84