Home health care costs an average of $25 per hour in Kentucky, per Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021. Home health care generally covers medical and therapeutic care, such as intermittent skilled nursing, speech therapy and medication management. Although home care provides different services, typically including assistance with everyday activities, it shares the same hourly average rate in Kentucky.

Costs of Home Health Care in Kentucky’s Cities

Seniors pay different rates for home health care depending on their location. Although the statewide average is $25 per hour, some cities have higher charges and others have lower rates. The most affordable city for home health care in Kentucky is Owensboro, where the average rate is a reasonable $20 per hour. At $25 hourly, Louisville shares the state’s average rate. Average fees per hour increase slightly to $25.23 in Bowling Green. Lexington and Elizabethtown are the state’s costliest destinations for home health care, with median hourly rates of $26 and $26.50, respectively.

  • Owensboro: $20
  • Bowling Green: $25.23
  • Elizabethtown: $26.50
  • Louisville: $25
  • Lexington: $26

Costs of Home Health Care in States Near Kentucky

At $25 per hour, the median rate of home health care in Kentucky is $2 more affordable than the U.S. average of $27. Looking at neighboring states, Kentucky’s home health care companies charge less than those in Virginia, Ohio and Illinois, where respective hourly costs run around $25.98, $26.50 and $28. Services are generally more expensive in Kentucky than in Tennessee and West Virginia, where seniors can expect to pay around $24 and $18.75 per hour. Indiana and Missouri have the same average hourly rate as the Bluegrass State.   

  • Kentucky: $25
  • United States: $27
  • Tennessee: $24
  • Missouri: $25
  • Illinois: $28
  • Indiana: $25
  • Ohio: $26.50
  • West Virginia: $18.75
  • Virginia: $25.98