Home health care in Iowa costs an average of $29.95 per hour. According to the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, this is slightly higher than the national average cost of home health care, which is $27 per hour. The cost of home health care in Iowa varies between $25 and $30.50 per hour. It is generally higher in larger cities and lower in more rural areas. Seniors may be eligible for Medicare coverage, and Iowa Medicaid covers home health care for seniors needing skilled nursing.

Home Health Care Options in Iowa

There are numerous home health agencies in Iowa servicing all major towns and counties. The total cost of home care depends on the type of help required and the number of hours of care. For example, seniors in Iowa who need 4 hours of care 5 days a week will incur an average monthly cost of $2,535. These costs include companionship, non-medical services like personal care, preparation of meals, skilled nursing care, occupational therapy and administration of medicines.

Medicaid in Iowa covers home health care costs for seniors who require skilled nursing, but the program does not cover non-medical home care services. Eligible seniors can also apply for enrollment in the Elderly Waiver program that covers non-medical costs. These include adult day care, homemaker services, meals and transportation. Enrollment is limited and seniors may have to wait for an available slot. Medicare offers home health care coverage for homebound seniors. Services include nursing services from a licensed nurse, physical therapy to recover from injuries and occupational therapy to help with daily routines.

Hourly Costs of Home Health Care Across Iowa

While the average hourly cost of home health care in Iowa is $29.25, the actual figure varies depending on the agency used and location. The hourly cost of home health care is highest in the largest city, Des Moines, where the average rate is $30.50. In Ames, 40 miles north of Des Moines, the hourly cost is slightly lower at $29.50 per hour while in Sioux City it is $28. In more rural areas, such as around Iowa City and in the vicinity of Waterloo, the average hourly costs fall to $25. Comparative rates for home health care in Iowa are:

  • Iowa: $29.25
  • National: $27
  • Des Moines: $30.50
  • Ames: $29.50
  • Sioux City: $28
  • Cedar Rapids: $29
  • Davenport Area: $27
  • Iowa City: $25
  • Waterloo Area: $25

The number of hours of care is the most crucial factor in determining the full cost of home health care. Based on the average hourly cost for Iowa of $29.25, the monthly cost for 8 hours of care 5 days a week is $5,070, while full-time care would cost $21,294.