Home health care in Illinois costs $28 per hour on average. According to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021, these costs can vary considerably by location and amount of care. Seniors may be able to receive some assistance through Medicare to help cover the cost of home health care.

Illinois Home Health Care Costs Compared to Nearby States

Home health care costs differ widely from state to state. While the average cost of home health care in Illinois is $28 per hour or $5,339 per month, Wisconsin charges $30 per hour or $5,720 per month. The hourly rate in Michigan is $29 or $5,529 monthly. Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri share the same hourly price of $25, which is $4,767 a month. Iowa costs $29.25 per hour or $5,577 per month for home health care.

The Cost of Home Health Care in the Cities of Illinois

While the cost of home health care varies between states, there’s also a wide range of costs between Illinois cities, sometimes by more than $20 per hour. Rates in Rockford average $29.50 per hour ($5,625 monthly) and $30 ($5,720) in Chicago, while the city of Kankakee charges around $27 ($5,148). Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield and Decatur prices are very close at $26.50 ($5,053), $26.63 ($5,077), $26.75 ($5,100) and $26.25 ($5,005). Home health care in Champaign costs $27.25 ($5,196). Seniors in Danville can expect to pay the most at $46.25 ($8,818) and the most affordable rate at $24 ($4,576) in Carbondale.

  • Rockford: $29.50
  • Chicago: $30
  • Kankakee: $27
  • Peoria: $26.50
  • Bloomington: $26.63
  • Springfield: $26.75
  • Decatur: $26.25
  • Champaign: $27.25
  • Danville: $46.25
  • Carbondale: $24