Home health care in Colorado costs an average of $33.50 per hour, per the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey. This is $6.50 higher than the national average of $27 per hour. However, prices can vary widely depending on location and specific services a home health care provider offers. Below, learn about the average hourly rate for home health care in various Colorado cities, as well as estimated prices for home health care in surrounding states.

Home Health Care Costs In Colorado Cities

The most expensive city for home health care in Colorado is Denver, where seniors can expect to pay $36 per hour. About 30 miles to the north in Boulder, rates are very similar, costing residents $35.50. Moving further north to Fort Collins, prices drop slightly to $32. Pueblo, which is located to the south of Denver, has home health care rates averaging $27.50.

Colorado Springs sits approximately 45 miles north of Pueblo, and rates there are a bit higher at $30.25. To the east of Fort Collins in Greeley, rates drop to $29.50. The most affordable city for home health care in Colorado is Grand Junction. In this city, seniors pay only $28.50 per hour.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Colorado’s cost of living is high compared to the national average, which means its hourly home health care prices are pricier, too. Comparatively, surrounding states have home health care that’s less expensive. To the west in Utah, for example, residents can expect to pay $30 an hour for their care. Wyoming’s prices are similar to Utah’s at $29.

Nebraska is more affordable at $28, and in Arizona, prices are a little higher, averaging $28.50. Kansas and Oklahoma are the cheapest neighboring states for home health care. In these states, seniors pay on average $24.50 and $25.50, respectively.