Home health care in California costs $32 per hour on average. This is based on the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey pricing estimates, making California $5 higher than the national average of $27. Fortunately, California offers several programs that may help cover home health care costs for certain individuals. California is a large state, too, and certain cities are more affordable than others. This guide provides an overview of home health care prices across California and in several nearby states.

Home Health Care Costs In California Cities

In California, home health care prices tend to be priciest in cities close to the West Coast. For instance, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo share an average hourly cost of $37.50, which is one of the highest rates for care in the state. A bit further from the coast in Napa, seniors pay $33.75 per hour, and in Salinas, rates average $35 per hour. San Diego’s hourly rates are similar to Napa’s at $33.95.

More affordable cities include Sacramento and Los Angeles, where home health care costs $33 and $31 per hour, respectively. To the north of Los Angeles in Bakersfield, prices drop to $28.88. In Riverside, which is situated in the southeastern part of California, rates go up to $32. To the east of San Diego in El Centro, seniors will find the cheapest home health care in the state at only $18 per hour.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Compared to nearby states, California is on the expensive side for home health care. Oregon’s prices are the same, but Nevada is a few dollars cheaper at $27 per hour. Utah residents pay an estimated $30, and in Arizona, prices drop to $28.50. Home health care in Washington costs $34.50, which is $2.50 per hour more than what California seniors pay.