The cost of home health care in Arkansas is $22 per hour on average. According to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021, this is $5 more affordable than the U.S. average rate of $27 per hour. This is a significant difference for those who receive many hours of care each month. For comparison, median monthly costs based on 44 hours of weekly care are $4,195 for Arkansas and $5,148 for the nation.

Home health care may be a suitable care option for seniors who wish to age in place but have mild to moderate clinical or rehabilitative care needs. It includes intermittent skilled nursing services, such as wound and catheter care, medication administration and diabetes management. This type of in-home care also covers speech, physical and occupational therapies.  

Average Costs of Home Health Care in Major Arkansas Cities

The precise cost of hourly home health care services in Arkansas varies based on aspects such as a senior’s location and the level of care required. Average rates differ widely across the state’s major cities. Costing around $26 per hour, home health care is the priciest in Fayetteville. At the opposite end of the financial scale, Jonesboro has the state’s lowest average rate of $20.50 per hour. Home health care agencies in the state capital of Little Rock charge an average of $22.50 for an hour’s care. Hot Springs shares this average rate. Average home health care prices in Fort Smith and Pine Bluff are $23 and $21, respectively.

  • Jonesboro: $20.50
  • Fayetteville: $26
  • Fort Smith: $23
  • Little Rock: $22.50
  • Hot Springs: $22.50
  • Pine Bluff: $21

Home Health Care Cost Comparison with Nearby States

At $22 per hour, home health care in Arkansas is more affordable than in neighboring Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma. Older adults in Oklahoma can expect to pay around $25.50 per hour while those in Missouri generally pay $25 per hour. Texas and Tennessee share the same median hourly rate of $24. Home health care is typically cheaper in Mississippi and Louisiana than in Arkansas; an hour of care runs around $20 in Mississippi and $19.50 in Louisiana.   

  • Arkansas: $22
  • Missouri: $25
  • Tennessee: $24
  • Mississippi: $20
  • Louisiana: $19.50
  • Texas: $24
  • Oklahoma: $25.50