The country’s average monthly cost for 24/7 in-home care is $18,927, which is $227,136 annually, according to Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey. Home care costs can vary significantly by location and the types of services required. Medicare can sometimes cover some home health care costs, and Medicaid may pay for some other home care services. Each state has its own policies regarding Medicare and Medicaid, so seniors shouldn’t assume either program can help.

Full-Time In-Home Care Costs in Different States

The costs for 24/7 home care can vary wildly between states. In Alabama, the average cost for full-time home care is $14,559 per month (or $20 per hour). In Washington state, the equivalent is $24,998 (or $34.34 per hour). Costs also vary between cities within states, sometimes by thousands of dollars per month. Families should use Genworth’s survey results to get the median monthly fee for the city in which their loved one resides.

The Cost of 24/7 Home Care in America’s Cities

Among the most populous states in the country, 24/7 home care costs vary by about $6,000 per month. Full-time care averages $17,472 per month in Texas versus $23,295 per month in California. New York is right in the middle with a monthly average rate of $20,385. Both Ohio and Pennsylvania match the national average.






New York







Average costs for home care in America’s largest cities differ even more than they do between states. In Miami, the median monthly rate for 24/7 care is $16,017. In Seattle, the average is almost $10,000 more, at $25,845. Atlanta and Houston are more affordable, at $16,380 and $17,472, respectively. The higher end of the scale includes Los Angeles, at $22,569, and Phoenix, at $22,749. 








Los Angeles




New York City