There are 119 assisted living facilities in West Virginia. Assisted living here costs less than the national average but may be more expensive in larger cities than in smaller towns. Amenities vary between facilities but residents can expect a mix of daily care assistance and recreational activities.

Who does assisted living benefit?

Assisted living benefits seniors who want to live with as much independence as possible but need some help with daily living activities. This could be assistance getting around, eating meals, taking medication and bathing. It also benefits those who may struggle due to reduced mobility, a physical disability or visual impairment.

Assisted living is not suitable for people who need advanced care and skilled treatment for severe physical or mental disabilities.

What’s the difference between assisted and independent living facilities?

The main difference between assisted and independent living facilities is that with the latter, no personal care is given to residents. Both facilities offer a wide range of social and recreational activities such as dance classes, creative hobbies and games, with private and communal areas to socialize. Assisted living provides extra services to residents that need help with their day-to-day living.