There are 803 assisted living facilities in Washington. Assisted living facilities provide additional care for people who wish to maintain a high level of independence in their senior years. The assisted living cost is above the national average, but residents enjoy a higher quality of air and water. Living in facilities in or close to cities are more expensive than those located in small towns.

Who is assisted living for?

Assisted living is for senior residents who want the comfort of home with the freedom to be independent, yet need help with some daily activities. Staff in assisted living facilities can help people with conditions such as reduced mobility and impaired vision. Other services include support with personal hygiene, medication management and housekeeping.

What services and amenities does assisted living provide?

Assisted living provides a range of services and amenities but always includes basic care for people who need help bathing, eating, getting dressed, taking medication and moving around. Services might also include housekeeping, laundry and transportation. Assisted living facilities often provide social and recreational activities to support seniors in their hobbies and creative pursuits. Many homes plan a weekly menu of meals and snacks with special dietary substitutions.