There are 945 facilities for assisted living in Ohio. Ohio’s assisted living costs are just above the national average and the price doesn’t vary much between cities. Residents living in assisted living facilities can experience independent living with extra support in completing daily activities like personal care and housekeeping.

What Services Do Assisted Living Facilities Offer?

Assisted living facilities offer extra support with daily activities from trained staff. This can include help with washing, dressing and eating. There are often amenities such as in-house salons, laundry and transportation to and from medical appointments. For social and recreational activities, facilities may have fitness classes, crafts and creative hobbies to enjoy with other residents in a communal area.

For facilities to comply with Ohio state regulations, residents must undergo an assessment to make sure the facility can support their needs. This assessment is reviewed yearly to ensure that facilities are meeting seniors’ needs.

What Advantages Does Assisted Living Provide Residents?

Assisted living gives seniors the comfort and independence of living at home but with extra support available for basic tasks. Seniors who may struggle to do some things around the house can benefit from assisted living, especially if deteriorating mobility or eyesight has made some tasks more challenging. The social aspect to assisted living facilities provides residents with a community to help boost their mental and emotional well-being.