There are 108 assisted living facilities in Maine. These facilities are officially called assisted housing programs in Maine, and there are nine types of facilities, including assisted living programs; residential care facilities Levels I, II, III and IV and private nonmedical institutions Levels I, II, III and IV. These facilities are licensed by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services. This agency enforces rules and guidelines related to staffing, nutrition and medication services, building features and care planning. It monitors facilities through routine and unannounced visits and by reviewing complaints regarding issues with cleanliness, safety and quality of care.

What Do Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

While the scope of care varies by the type of assisted living you choose, all facilities in Maine provide housing, housekeeping services, chore services, help with daily living activities and other services in an individual’s care plan. Depending on a facility’s classification, it must provide at least one meal or three meals daily.

Admission and retention guidelines in the state are intentionally flexible, with the goal being to help residents age in place, even as their care needs change. All facilities provide individualized care plans that outline the services a resident receives, but when they create these plans and how often they update them varies depending on how the facility is classified.

How Much Does Assisted Living in Maine Cost?

Maine is among the more expensive places in the nation to obtain assisted living services, with the statewide average rate coming in at $5,865 per month. This is about 30% higher than the national median of $4,500, but it’s a couple of hundred dollars below the rate in New Hampshire, Maine’s only bordering state. Here, assisted living facilities charge $6,053 per month for care.

Assisted living rates vary considerably across Maine. The Portland region is the costliest place in Maine for care, with local assisted living facilities charging $6,525. In the Lewiston region, care costs are closer to the state median at $5,484, and in Bangor, rates are over $1,000 below the state norm at $4,750.   

Is Assisted Living the Best Option?

Assisted living is a prime long-term care option for older adults who need help with daily activities or who want freedom from house and lawn care. It’s also ideal for those who are at risk of social isolation or who want to transition to a community that provides flexible care options, enabling them to age in place, even if their condition changes.