With 437 assisted living facilities located throughout the state, Indiana’s seniors have plenty of options to choose from when they can no longer receive the assistance they need at home. The larger metropolitan areas have the highest concentration of communities; however, seniors in rural areas have many nearby facilities as well. 

Care and Amenities at Indiana Assisted Living Facilities

While amenities vary across assisted living facilities, many have on-site beauty salons and barbershops, activity rooms and outdoor areas such as gardens and courtyards where residents can relax and socialize. Caregivers remain on premises around the clock ensuring seniors always receive prompt assistance with their daily living activities. Some communities offer rehabilitative services. Residents are served nutritious meals and snacks, and many facilities arrange group outings to local restaurants in addition to the other on-site activities. 

How to Find an Assisted Living Facility in Indiana

The easiest ways for seniors to find an assisted living facility are by searching on the internet and by contacting organizations specializing in age-related services, such as the Area Agency on Aging. A cursory internet search allows seniors to check out the specific amenities, services and pricing for assisted living communities throughout the state, while the A.A.A. can advise seniors on programs that may help them finance their care as well as offer comparisons of different communities or facilities.