Illinois is home to approximately 667 assisted living facilities. Some of these are small with only a few residents living in a converted private home. Others fall into the medium range with up to several dozen seniors dwelling together in community. Still others are large complexes with over a hundred apartments. All assisted living communities offer basic services and amenities, but some can provide more due to their size.

Reasons to Move Into Assisted Living

While many seniors struggle with the idea of leaving their homes and moving into an assisted living community, there are many good reasons for doing so. Topping the list is the need for help with personal care. As people get older, they may require supervision or assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and mobility. Some may also have chronic conditions like diabetes that they struggle to manage on their own. Sometimes household chores and laundry can become too much to handle. Caregivers in assisted living can remove some of that burden by providing the required assistance, and seniors always have the option of choosing or changing their care levels as their needs change.

Many seniors also long for the companionship and active lifestyle that an assisted living community offers. Most communities provide a full calendar of activities for residents to enjoy. They can get involved in clubs, games and exercise sessions. They gather for chats, movies and entertainment. There is always someone around to talk to and 24/7 support as needed. Assisted living facilities also usually feature emergency response systems for added peace of mind.

Finding the Right Assisted Living Community

When seniors finally make the decision to move into assisted living, finding the right community may be a bit of a challenge. Seniors and their families might begin by researching several local communities. Online reviews can also provide information about the experiences of other seniors in these communities. It may also be helpful to chat with friends, relatives or acquaintances already in assisted living to get their perspectives.

Visiting communities may actually be the best way to determine which one is the best fit. Before a visit, seniors and their families should develop a list of questions to ask. They should inquire about services offered, amenities, apartment floor plans, community rules and prices. During the tour, seniors might chat with current residents if possible and should also pay close attention to the little details about community life. This will help them determine the best place for them.