There are 4433 assisted living facilities in California. California offers the most assisted living facilities in the country and is one of the top states that provides a high quality of life for residents and seniors alike. The average cost of assisted living is above the national average but varies in cost depending on where in California residents choose to live.

Who Is Assisted Living For?

Assisted living is designed for seniors who need extra support with carrying out daily activities. Residents may need help with bathing, dressing and getting around but otherwise prefer to be as independent as possible. Eligible seniors may find certain tasks challenging due to changes in mobility and eyesight but don’t require round-the-clock assistance with severe medical issues.

What Amenities Do California-Based Assisted Living Facilities Offer?

Assisted living facilities provide a mixture of personal care, housekeeping, transportation and social activities to enrich residents’ physical and mental health. California-based facilities are strictly regulated by the Department of Social Services to maintain a high level of care. Residents must receive a comprehensive assessment prior to moving in to ensure their needs are fully understood when creating a care plan.

Personal care includes help with personal hygiene, managing finances and taking medication. Facilities provide meals and snacks that take into account personal preferences and medical needs. Residents can also take part in planned activities for socializing and maintaining hobbies. In general, the facility must be safe for residents to navigate and include private and communal areas.