There are 185 licensed assisted living facilities in Arkansas. These communities are licensed as Level I or Level II facilities, depending on the scope of care they provide. Some assisted living facilities provide Alzheimer’s care or accommodate older adults with physical or mental disabilities.

These facilities are licensed and regulated through the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Office of Long Term Care, and they follow a variety of rules to ensure consistently high-quality care for residents throughout the state. Among these rules are guidelines for medication provisions, nutrition services, staffing ratios and building requirements. The state also outlines requirements for facilities that accept payment from Medicaid.

What Do Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

Assisted living facilities in Arkansas provide nonmedical services for seniors. This includes help with daily living activities, such as bathing and dressing, housekeeping and linen services and medication reminders. Facilities are also required to provide three balanced meals, plus snacks and drinks, every day, and they have regularly scheduled social and recreational programs. While assisted living facilities don’t provide skilled nursing services, some have contracts with third-party home health care agencies to offer this level of care. Many assisted living facilities in Arkansas have additional services and on-site amenities. For example, some facilities have on-site fitness centers and swimming pools, as well as libraries, theater rooms and arts and crafts studios. 

Who Should Consider Assisted Living?

Assisted living is ideal for older adults who are largely independent but need help with some daily activities, such as personal care, meal preparation and housekeeping. Those who no longer want the burdens and financial responsibilities that come from homeownership may also find assisted living to be a good fit for their needs.

The social environment makes this level of care a good alternative to in-home care for those who are at risk of isolation and loneliness. Because facilities organize social and recreational activities, residents have the opportunity to be more active and engaged, and they may have access to amenities they wouldn’t have at home, such as age-friendly fitness equipment and swimming pools. This type of care is an affordable alternative to nursing home care for those with limited medical needs.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

In Arkansas, assisted living is relatively affordable at $3,760 per month. This is several hundred dollars below the national median of $4,500, indicating that it’s more affordable than most states for this level of care. Assisted living rates vary throughout the state. Pine Bluff is the most economical city for care, with local assisted living facilities charging $3,329 monthly. In Jonesboro and Fayetteville, seniors pay $3,650 for services, and in Fort Smith, rates average $3,850. The Little Rock area and Hot Springs are the costliest places in Arkansas to obtain care, with respective fees coming in at $4,488 and $4,500.