Wisconsin’s state Medicaid program pays for in-home care through various waivers and programs. You’ll usually need to be eligible for Medicaid to receive funding for in-home care in Wisconsin. Some waivers and programs have additional eligibility criteria — for example, whether you qualify may depend on your living situation, care needs or capacity to self-direct your care. 

Personal Care Program

Wisconsin’s Personal Care Program pays for assistance with acts of daily living, such as personal care. It doesn’t usually cover homemaker services unless you need them to protect your health. This program is only available to Medicaid enrollees, and all services must be ordered by a physician. 

You can’t enroll in the PCP if a family member usually supports you with your acts of daily living. However, you may qualify if a change in circumstances prevents the person from continuing in this role. The program doesn’t pay for transportation to medical appointments, although the state Medicaid program covers this service when medically necessary.

Include, Respect, I Self-Direct

The Include, Respect, I Self-Direct program supports older adults and people with disabilities in making decisions about their care and living arrangements. You may be eligible for IRIS if you’re a Medicaid enrollee and would otherwise need to live in a nursing or intermediate-care setting. 

As an IRIS enrollee, you have a budget assigned to pay for the services and equipment you need to live as independently as possible. You can direct how you spend your budget, but an IRIS consultant can help you plan your care. Your consultant can also support you in achieving your health and lifestyle goals, such as community involvement or gaining employment. 

Family Care Partnership

The Partnership program coordinates services for older adults and people with disabilities. The program is open to Medicaid enrollees with disabilities aged 18 or older and adults over 65. As a Partnership member, you have a care team consisting of a care manager, registered nurse and nurse practitioner.

Your care team can support you in developing an effective care plan and self-directing your care. You can use the program to arrange services to help you live independently and manage your medical appointments.