Virginia pays for home health services through its combined Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Medicaid (CCC+) waiver program. The CCC+ plan replaces the state’s older waivers and combines home health services with non-medical caregiver visits and other in-home support services.

Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Medicaid Waiver (CCC+)

Virginia’s CCC+ waiver provides long-term care services for seniors who wish to avoid residential care and who can remain safely in their own homes or in the private residence of a family member or friend. Medicaid beneficiaries can get a CCC+ waiver if their doctor determines they have an ongoing need for home health care. Once enrolled in CCC+, seniors can access a wide range of other age-in-place supports, though specific eligibility requirements may apply to the non-medical components of the program.

To participate in CCC+, seniors must be lawful residents of the United States and Virginia, enroll in the state’s Medicaid program and have a medical or age-related disability that could require placement in a nursing home. Seniors who meet these criteria can avoid placement if they wish to remain at home and have a needs assessment that establishes all their medical and other needs can be met at home with the assistance available through CCC+. 

Services Offered Under the CCC+ Combined Waiver

CCC+ is intended to be a comprehensive, one-stop waiver program that covers the costs of both medical and non-medical home supports for seniors aging in place. Home health benefits include visits from paramedical professionals for routine care and testing, durable medical equipment and some medical consumables, such as blood sugar testing strips. Non-medical caregiver support and transportation assistance may also be provided through CCC+.