Oklahoma pays for in-home care for seniors via SoonerCare, the state’s Medicaid program. Low-income seniors who are assessed as being homebound and requiring personal care support can receive help with the cost of in-home care through the State Plan Personal Care Medicaid service.

In-home care providers offer a variety of services, including help with housekeeping, grocery shopping, cooking and personal care tasks such as dressing, grooming and bathing. Home health care providers may offer the same services in addition to basic nursing support such as wound care, diabetes management and medication reminders.

State Plan Personal Care Is an Entitlement Program

State Plan Personal Care is an entitlement program. This means all seniors who meet the Level of Care requirements and who qualify for SoonerCare Medicaid can apply to the program and receive support. There is no waiting list for the program. Those who do not meet the income and asset requirements for the program may still be able to receive support through other programs such as the ADvantage Program Waiver. Seniors can learn more about these waivers and other support that may be available to them by contacting their local Area Agency on Aging.

Family Members Can Provide Care in Some Cases

Seniors who require a nursing home level of care may be able to get support to pay a family member to take care of them through the ADvantage Program. This support is offered alongside a broad range of services that may also include access to day centers or meal delivery services. The State Plan Personal Care program allows family members to provide support for seniors who require help with the activities of daily living. Spouses are not eligible for either of these programs, but other close relatives may be eligible.