North Carolina pays for in-home care through the Medicaid Personal Care Services program. Medicaid only covers the cost of medically necessary services directly. Home and community-based services are covered by Medicaid waiver programs. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, in-home care is around $4,385 per month, which is a less expensive option than nursing home care but is slightly more than assisted living. 

About Personal Care Services

PCS helps seniors receive assistance with activities of daily living within their own homes or in a residential care facility. In-home care covers basic care needs, such as eating, dressing, mobility, bathing, using the bathroom, medication reminders, housekeeping and companionship. 

In-home care is often preferred over residential care because it allows seniors to remain more independent, and individuals can stay closer to family and friends. Seniors also often feel more confident and comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Qualifying for PCS

To qualify for PCS, the individual must currently receive Medicaid benefits or must have recently applied for coverage. Individuals must also need help with at least two activities of daily living and have the ability to live safely on their own. A physician must provide a referral for in-home care within 90 days of the application.