Nevada doesn’t pay for in-home care. The state does offer Medicaid waivers that pay for in-home care costs for low-income residents. These waivers, however, are not entitlement programs, so there may be waiting lists for seniors wishing to join the programs.

Nevada’s Medicare waivers can be used to cover the cost of a variety of types of in-home care services, including help with the activities of daily living, housekeeping, medical support and social or educational support where this is deemed necessary. In some cases, support can be provided by an eligible family member.

Low-income Nevada Seniors Can Get Help With Personal Care Services

Nevada offers several Medicaid waivers that may cover the cost of in-home care. The Personal Care Services program is open to low-income individuals who have been assessed as requiring help with day-to-day tasks by a physical or occupational therapist. This program covers support with shopping, housekeeping and the activities of daily living. It is a self-directed care waiver, so seniors may be able to hire friends or family members to provide care. Those who require a slightly higher level of support may wish to consider other waivers, such as the Waiver for the Frail Elderly.

Seniors Receiving Supplemental Security Income Qualify for Medicaid in Nevada

Nevada has strict income and asset requirements for its Medicaid programs. It considers not only the claimant’s current financial system but also their financial history to confirm that assets have not been gifted or deliberately undersold in preparation for an anticipated Medicaid claim. Those who are already receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) have already been assessed as meeting the financial criteria for Medicaid. Seniors who find the eligibility criteria and claims process difficult or need help making a claim can contact their nearest Area Agency on Aging.