Montana does pay for in-home care. The state’s Community Services Bureau pays for in-home care for eligible seniors through two Medicaid-funded programs, which are named the Big Sky Waiver Program and the Community First Choice/Personal Assistance Program. In-home care is a service that extends the time seniors can continue living in their own residences rather than moving to an institutional setting such as a nursing home.

What Do Montana’s In-Home Care Programs Offer?

Each in-home care program has unique offerings. Enrollees in the Big Sky Waiver Program may gain access to personal assistance, homemaker services and case management. The program also gives enrollees transportation and helpful items, such as emergency response systems and medical equipment. Respite care is available through the program, as are other perks.

The Community First Choice/Personal Assistance Program focuses on aiding seniors with daily tasks, including getting dressed, bathing and eating. Caregivers funded by the program additionally offer assistance with moving around and using the toilet. They also help seniors stick to medication regimens and get exercise. 

Who Is Eligible for In-Home Care From Montana?

Because Montana’s in-home care programs are tied to Medicaid funding, enrollees must be eligible for Medicaid. That requires meeting an income limit that slides up or down based on household size. A recipient must be a Montana resident as well as a U.S. citizen, national, permanent resident or legal alien. Beyond that, only certain populations are eligible for Medicaid, with one example being seniors 65 years of age and up.

Each in-home care offering also has requirements unique to that program. The Big Sky Waiver Program has waitlists, and it limits enrollment to individuals whose care needs would otherwise call for nursing home placement. Recipients of services through the Community First Choice/Personal Assistance Program undergo a screening process and must have a medical condition that necessitates assistance with activities of daily living.